Delhi School Of Internet Marketing

Delhi School of Internet Marketing has been established in the last year 2021 by Kunal Choudhury, offering online marketing training to young students from India. The main training program available on their website can be downloaded free. There are two modules available. The first one is a basic introduction to online marketing, explaining what it is and how it works. The second module explores advanced topics such as search engine optimization, Pay Per Click, banner advertising and email marketing.

delhi school of internet marketing

The success achieved by this Delhi school of internet marketing can be attributed largely to the quality of teaching staff. The teachers at this institute are all experts in their fields, having earned a great deal of experience in their respective fields. They are committed to helping the students understand every aspect of digital marketing, including its various components such as search engine optimization, banner advertising, email marketing, social media and other viral strategies. The goal of every student here is to get a job and make a name for him or herself in the world of digital marketing.

The school offers four different modules each four weeks. Students can choose to take up any of these modules depending on their interests. These modules cover everything from search engine optimization to social media to video promotion, helping the students understand the essential role played by SEO and other internet tools in today’s web-based environment.

The Delhi School of internet marketing is a small operation, with only twenty-four teachers and a large number of students. The teacher teachers at this school have a combined thirty-three years of experience, with the majority having worked as SEO specialists for many years. The school prides itself on providing the most effective and efficient training available for its students. Each module is led by an experienced professional, ensuring that the trainees receive the best education and hands on experience after completing the course. Students at the school are provided with a free practice course, helping them to prepare themselves for their final exams.

The modules cover a wide range of topics, ranging from SEO to viral marketing to banner advertising and social media marketing. The course format includes video tutorials, forum discussions, live seminars and one on one coaching. Students can expect to complete the course in twelve months or less. Students who wish to pursue higher education in India can do so with the help of the internet, as there are plenty of universities in India that offer excellent online and distance learning courses. Those who are already in the field of business can continue their education and increase their knowledge levels at a smaller institution in India.

The school also provides students with an opportunity to network with others in the field. This can be beneficial, as they can learn from the experiences and mistakes of others. These are only a few features of this great school. Information about the school is available on its official website. This can be used for choosing classes, scheduling exams, making inquiries and signing up for the course.